“My first visit with Dr  Purdy was the 5 of July 2018. I was turning 61 years old and suffering from Fibromyalgia, terrible knee pain, headaches, and almost having diabetes. Since my first meeting I changed my diet and I lost 10 pounds. I also feel more alert and without pain. I do not have diabetes anymore and even though I am a [health care worker] facing a lot of stress everyday, I have noticed I am stronger and more content . Dr Purdy gave me a lot of resources to read, she listened to me and gave me time. I am improving my quality of life and [will] be more strong to look after my grandchildren.” - Ms. G.S.

“I contacted Ottawa Lifestyle Medicine after hearing about what a talented Doctor Dr Purdy is from a personal acquaintance. I have suffered with digestive issues for over a year now and Dr Purdy introduced me to a plant based diet which has helped relieve some of my symptoms. My experience with Ottawa Lifestyle Medicine was very positive and personable, and I highly recommend it.” - Mr. B.W.

“Working with Dr. Purdy has changed my life. I have been able to eliminate cholesterol medication and reverse my diagnosis of pre-diabetes by going on the plant-based diet. Dr. Purdy has been great at working with me to make the lifestyle changes I can to improve my health and my mood as well.” - Ms. J.H.

“I was referred to Dr. Purdy at Ottawa Lifestyle Medicine by my Dietician.  She was concerned that I was having trouble losing weight and that my digestive system was causing me trouble. I had been struggling with weight and gas/bloating for years and my family doctor had only ever told me that I needed to diet, that it was simply will power, and that my gastric trouble was simply that I was eating too much. I made an appointment with Dr. Purdy and was able to get an appointment almost immediately.  Once there, Dr. Purdy spent an hour with me going over my symptoms, history, needs, and worries. She was thorough and compassionate.  I was sent for a battery of tests and it was quickly discovered that I was a Celiac.  Right away, I felt better knowing that it was not my imagination and that there was now a plan of action. I have since seen Dr. Purdy for a bit of tweaking of my health in terms of stress and other dietary concerns and she has continued to support me and help me develop healthy strategies. Thank you Dr. Purdy.” - Ms. C.D.

How have you done using Lifestyle Medicine to maintain your good health, or to improve it? We would love to hear from you! Any constructive feedback is welcome, too. Thank you!