Information for Patients

If you would like to meet with Dr. Purdy, please contact the office here, or by phone at 613-271-1103. If you are from out-of-town (or anywhere in Ontario), Dr. Purdy is able to conduct medical appointments by Telemedicine. You need to have an email address and access to a local medical clinic with a telemedicine office (call your local clinic and ask if they have OTN). Telemedicine, done from one clinic location to another, is covered by OHIP and therefore free for a patient to use.

If you have a physician, please advise them that you are interested in meeting with Dr. Purdy. In particular, if you are rostered to a physician in a Family Health Organization (FHO) or Family Health Network (FHN), please discuss with your physician prior to booking an appointment so that their FHO or FHN may avoid access bonus penalties. 

As a new clinic, we have been adjusting the scheduling, trying to find an appropriate balance. Appointments in Lifestyle Medicine do take longer than most normal appointments, and as such, your first appointment will probably take about an hour. During that time, Dr. Purdy will review your medical history and conduct a focused physical examination as appropriate, and will present her recommendations. At that point, you can discuss the way forward, and decide on any future follow-up appointments as needed. Don't worry, they shouldn't be as long!

We were requesting that future patients complete a health questionnaire, but that can be challenging for some patients due to computer access, etc. Therefore, Dr. Purdy will get all this information, through discussions with you at your initial appointment. 

When you come for your first meeting with Dr. Purdy, please bring the following:

  • your OHIP/ RAMQ/ Blue Cross card;
  • a list of all medications, including dosages;
  • any recent lab work results; and
  • any medical records to the visit.

We look forward to working with you!