Recipes... Learning how to cook differently can be intimidating, and sometimes it may seem challenging to find new recipes to try. I can only imagine that it would have been much more difficult to become "plant-based" in the 1980s or even early 1990s (if "plant-based" even existed as a term back then!). Internet was only coming into existence in the late 1980s, and there were not many cookbooks out there that specialized in vegan let alone whole food, plant-based cooking. Much has changed since then!

I have found some great sites that I rely on, and I have also found some great recipes on the 'Net. Regarding cookbooks, I recommend borrowing one from the library first to see if there are recipes that interest you, prior to investing. Just to get started, here are a few good sites... there are many others out there too. I am not including all the sites listed under "Additional Information" on my website, and please note, most of the books listed also have recipes. You may note that there are not that many recipes or websites mentioned below. To be honest, over the past few years when I had a hankering for something, I would search for a recipe ("curry mushroom pea Indian -oil" for example). I then review the recipes that pop up, and sometimes I try one. If I like it, I keep doing it, if it does not work, then I make sure I have not bookmarked that recipe. While I like to cook more than I ever did before, I don't always spend that much time in the kitchen due to other commitments, so there are periods of time when I am not trying new recipes out (like now!). And that's okay... this way of eating can be super simple. For example, I love meals like baked beans (maple syrup or in tomato sauce), or oatmeal, or potatoes, or stir-fries. All these are fairly easy to make, don't require much imagination, and are inexpensive. 

Brand New Vegan: Chuck Underwood comes up with many recipes that represent comfort foods that many of us enjoy. He does not use oil. Personal favourites include his chili, Jeff Novick burgers, cauliflower wings, creamy vegan mac and cheese, vegetable stew, blueberry muffins, best ever fat free vegan gravy, for starters. 

Oh She Glows: I can only recall one that I tried, but it was fantastic - Vegan Lasagna with Basil Cashew Cheeze. 

A few great recipes (hopefully this list will grow in time):

Peanut Dipping Sauce, from Cookie + Kate: Fantastic for vegetable wraps, as a salad dressing, to top a bowl of veggies, beans, and rice, etc... delicious and easy.



Dr. Jennifer Purdy