Getting excited!


It is taking longer than I expected to open the practice... renovations take time! Especially when I'm focusing more on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine in my own life: I'm catching up on sleep, getting physically active, cooking healthy food, and spending time with friends and family. Earlier on in the renovations, I was sometimes wondering when they would get done, and I would feel my energy flag a little. But when I think about the great work that we are going to do here with patients, my energy perks up... a lot! 

My vision here is that we will provide compassionate care and will help people, some who may not feel much hope, to feel hopeful and to feel that change is possible. When I think about what we may be able to accomplish, as a team where the patient is the most important member, I get very enthusiastic for the future. I write this as I review this website, wanting to get it up and active, in a room where we still need to lay down flooring! But, by writing this, it emboldens me to get going, to finish painting so we can start the flooring. 

Dr. Jennifer Purdy